Behr Bonz Multicart

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Compatible: VIC-20
Price: $36.00
How to Order: Order one by emailing Put "Behr-Bonz purchase" in the subject.
Top view of the VIC-20 ROM cartridge, Behr Bonz multicart

Top view of the multicart

Screenshot of Behr Bonz multicart menu interface

Screenshot of menu interface

My Take

A hundred and twenty-seven Commodore VIC-20 games, all packed onto one cartridge, and runnable from a custom menu interface, for 36$.

Need I say more? That's 28 cents a game. If you love your VIC-20, you really should show it your love and pick up one of these multi-carts.

Check it out, in action.

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This cartridge designed for your Commodore VIC-20 computer comprises 127 games, all of which were originally published as game cartridges between 1981 and 1984. No additional expansion is required to play them, except a joystick and, depending on the game, a pair of paddles.

The new Behr-Bonz will be slightly different from the Original with a new color in the menu and a button to reset to menu without the need to turn your VIC-20 off and on.

The Behr-Bonz multicart circuit board is exactly the same physical size as a Commodore made game cartridge so it can fit in the plastic case of a game you already own (4.5 x 9 cm). No plastic case is provided.

Just like original Commodore cartridges it uses gold plating to protect your cartridge port connector and for the longest possible lifespan. It is protected by a 90 day money back guarantee. Please note that out of the 100 original units made in 2008, not a single one was found to be defective nearly 7 years after their initial release.

Order Information

  • The price per unit of the Behr-Bonz multicart is 49$US or 58$can or 44Euros NEW LOWER PRICE - 36$US or 32.50 Euros. Quantity discounts are available on quantities of 5 units or more.
  • Shipping to the US is 10$US, Australia, South America, all EU countries and Canada is 12$US or 11 Euros - shipping cost is the same wether you order 1 or up to 7 units.
  • YOU MUST SPECIFY WETHER YOU WANT A PAL OR NTSC VERSION - if this information is not specified then I will determine it myself according to the video standard available in the country of the shipping address

Improvements to the Original Cart

  • A "reset to menu" button. The original cart would send you back to the selected game when resetting the VIC because of the way it "locks" to the selected game to prevent games who write gibberrish in the IO2/IO3 region from causing problems.
  • Improved PAL version menu colors. The colors of the menu are white text on black background and a blue border. This is an indication the version is 2015.
  • Games can now be accessed quickly by pressing numbers 1 to 8 then the associated letter


  • How do I disable the Behr-Bonz ?

    Presently, if you want to return to BASIC startup without disconnecting the cartridge, just press '6' then press 'K' from the menu.

    This actually selects one of the Scott Adams game but if you never start the game, you're effectively disabling the Behr-Bonz and falling back to an unexpanded VIC.
  • How do I jump directly to my favorite game without having to scroll hundreds of titles ?

    Press numbers 1 to 8 then press the letter associated with your favorite game. All games can be accessed quickly by pressing one number then one letter.