C64c Keyboard Brackets

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Home Page: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1561772
Categories: component
Compatible: C64c
Price: ~$10.00, varies by printing source
How to Order: Download from thingiverse.com. Upload the model file to treatstock.com. Select a source to order from.
Documentation: https://www.c64os.com/post/3dprintedcomponents
Left Bracket

Left Bracket

Left Bracket, bottom view

Left Bracket, bottom view

Right Bracket

Right Bracket

Right Bracket, bottom view

Right Bracket, bottom view

Extra Hardware

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My Take

I was initially unsure about 3D printable components, but my experience with thingiverse.com and treatstock.com was very positive. You can read my review of the entire process of ordering and receiving these brackets in my blog post, 3D Printable Components.

I've got 2 C64cs that, for whatever reason, don't have these brackets. In one of them, I've used a roll of insulation tape, (the kind meant for sealing outside door frames,) wedged underneath the keyboard and resting directly on the C64's mainboard. It's been like that for more years than I can remember. I guess because there was never a source for them when I was younger. I've got a second C64c where I'm using a piece of the Millennium Falcon's satellite dish to hold up the keyboard. Don't ask, it was my brother's model and I pilfered it long ago, before anyone cared about the revival of Star Wars.

I got these parts printed via TreatStock.com. They were printed right here in my home town, and were available less than 5 hours after I placed the order. I just drove over and picked them up after work the same day I ordered them. Fabulous.

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This pair of 3D Printable components are replacements for the metal brackets that support and hold the keyboard in place inside the chassis of a Commodore C64c.

If for some reason you are missing these brackets, you can order a replacement set. However, the more probable scenario is getting them for use with all new components. If you are buying a new C64c injection mold case, and then populating it with a freshly minted C64 Reloaded MK2 mainboard, besides needing a keyboard, you'll also need these internal brackets to properly mount that keyboard.

The left bracket is slightly larger. It is designed to slip under the front left corner of the mainboard. The mainboard is then screwed down to the bottom plate of the chassis through the hole in the bottom of the bracket. The right bracket is slightly smaller. It is designed to rest partially on top of joystick control port 1. And is screwed down on top of the mainboard. The tops of both brackets are then at the same height, and the correct angle to hold the top of the C64c keyboard. The tops of the brackets have two holes to screw the keyboard down onto the brackets. Although this is not strictly necessary.