Joystick Port Breakout

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Compatible: VIC-20, C64, C128, and others
Price: $13.00
How to Order: Order from Dorktronic's ebay listing: Joystick Breadboard Breakout for C64 VIC20 Atari 2600 VCS Development.
Documentation: Not included
Joystick Port Breakout top angled

In breadboard

Joystick Port Breakout top front

Top Port Side

Joystick Port Breakout top rear

Top Board Side

Joystick Port Breakout bottom

Bottom Pins, Board Side

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My Take

This is one of a series of high quality breakout boards produced by Dorktronic and distributed on Ebay. These are all new, he has designed them and soldered them together himself. The product is the breakout board only. The breadboard shown in the topmost picture to the right is just to show how it fits in, but is not included.

This is a joystick port breakout board. It has a female DB9 port, designed to be plugged into the controller port of a Commodore 8-Bit computer. It can also be used for other platforms that use the same basic pin arrangement. Atari being the most obvious, which shares all of the same pins as a C64 controller port, including the PotY and PotX lines. The lines are listed below.

See: Atari 2600 Joystick Pinout

Each of the 9 lines from the joystick port are connected to downward facing pins that are aligned to fit the holes of a standard bread board, which can be fit beneath the breakout board. The pins of the breakout board are split and laid out so it can be mounted such that the 5 digital and 2 analog signal pins connect to 7 parallel rows in the middle. While the VCC and GND pins align to connect to the bread board's power and ground outside rails. You can see this in the topmost picture in the sidebar.

Pin Arrangement

Each of the pins is labeled both by number and by its function according to the way the standard joystick uses them.

Pin # Function
1 Up
2 Down
3 Left
4 Right
5 Pot Y
6 Fire
7 +5 VDC
8 Ground
9 Pot X

The board is ideally suited to prototype anything which is designed to interface with the joystick port.

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BRAND NEW Joystick breadboard breakout for the Commodore 64/VIC-20, Atari 2600, and other Atari Joystick compatible systems.

Easily prototype your joystick project without soldering!

NOTE: Pictured breadboard is not included.

Board Features:

  • *UPDATED* Machined header pins
  • 30mm (1.2") in height X 47mm (1.9") in width.
  • This board is designed to plug into a SOLDERLESS BREADBOARD for easy no-soldering prototyping.
  • Simply plug the adapter into your breadboard and you are ready to connect it to your system!
  • At the top of the board, ALL of the port pins are connected to an easy-to-access header. Ready to use.
  • +5V (VCC) and Ground (GND) points are aligned to plug into your breadboard's power bus bar
  • Crisp, easy-to-read silkscreen describes each pin's function. See pics!