SuperTracker II

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Compatible: 1541, 1541-II, 1571, see compatibility details below
Price: Kit: $49.95 Plug-n-play: $59.95
How to Order: Order from CBMStuff's Store: CBM Stuff — SuperTracker II.
Documentation: Installation and Usage Manual (PDF)
SuperTracker II Mounted in 1541

Mounted in 1541

SuperTracker II controller board

Controller Board

Parts Package 1

Parts 1

Parts Package 2

Parts 2

Parts Package 3

Parts 3

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My Take

One of the things I love about Commodore 8-bits is their hackability. Innumerable things can be modified straight on the mainboard, with tools that you can easily work with at home. New hacks and modifications continue to come out even in this day. It's really great.

Of course, these hacks and modifications are not limited to the computers themselves. There are also drive hacks. Commodore disk drives are just special purpose, 1980's-era, 8-bit computers after all. Why not?

The SuperTracker II from CBM Stuff is a small board that sits into the VIA socket in the 1541 that intercepts its signals. The original VIA is inserted into the socket on the top of the SuperTrack II controller board, and continues to do what it normally does.

The controller board is then wired to a small LED screen and a push button that you mount on the front panel of the drive case. NOTE: This requires cutting some precision holes in the drive case.

The display then provides realtime information about various operational states of the disk drive. Such as, the current track, the write protect status, density level and more. See the complete description below. It also has a detailed installation and usage manual as a PDF.

Note, the SuperTracker II is only compatible with the 1541. However, there is an alternative version, SuperTracker II w/ 6522 VIA, that includes a replacement VIA chip, for an additional $5.00, that is compatible with the 1541-II and 1571 disk drives.

Make sure you get the right version for your drive. The links in the standard information block above are only for the 1541 compatible version.

1541-II and 1571 Compatible Version

Order 1541-II/1571 compatible version here.

1541-II/1571 compatible version Installation and Usage Manual.

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Super Tracker II for 1541 disk drives

The ultimate digital track display (and more) for your Commodore and compatible disk drive!

The Super Tracker II displays the current track (including half-track), density level, write protect status, drive motor status, and number of syncs on a track. The SuperTracker II can also control an auxiliary output which can be used to set the disk drive's device number, or even for switching between two different drive ROMs!

With its ability to record and playback up to to 1500 different changes, there is no mystery about what tracks were used while loading a program! You can determine copy-protection checks with certainty now!

The Super Tracker II is offered as two versions, a complete plug-n-play version ready to use, and a version for those that want to do their own wiring. The Super Tracker II board is fully assembled and tested.

You can choose either a standard size or micro size push button switch.

Plug-n-play version comes ready to use with your switch option. Kit version requires soldering one cable end and the switch option you choose., easy-to-read silkscreen describes each pin's function. See pics!

Super Tracker II w/6522 VIA chip

The ultimate digital track display (and more) for your Commodore and compatible disk drive! This version includes a new 6222 VIA chip soldered to the SuperTracker II board. This version is necessary for the 1541-II and 1571 disk drives, and it must be soldered into the motherboard board in place of the original 6522 VIA chip! 1541-II and 1571 disk drives require de-soldering the original 6522 VIA chip and using this version SuperTracker II - the standard SuperTracker II will not work!