C64 Luggable is meant to be a very usable, up-to-date Commodore 64. A real Commodore 64 mainboard, and large LCD display, fit elegantly into a single package that can easily be transported for fun, or for show.

Built-in networking allows it to hook up to modern home or workplace networks, PS/2 ports on the back for mouse and keyboard allow for a wide selection of detached PC keyboards and a variety of styles of mouse.

The front panel provides 4 classic joystick ports so you can enjoy some great 4-player fun with your friends. The front panel also houses a miniature stereo amplifier with front mounted volume control and two embedded, high quality, stereo speakers to enjoy that great SID music.

Storage is built entirely around modern miniature technology. There is no 1541 built into C64 Luggable. Instead it uses either SD card or USB-stick storage. All, with a handle on top.

From Concept Diagram…

Wireframe of C64 Luggable

This detailed guide walks you through every step, in painstaking detail, from concept drawings all the way to the finished product.

…to Physical Manifestation

Nearly Finished C64 Luggable

Although the project is not yet 100% done, it is certainly at a stage where it can be shown off. All major components are installed and working.

How is this document structured?

This section is a living document that describes in as much detail as possible the construction of my C64 Luggable project. It is not a blog. A blog is composed of articles in chronological order. Once a blog post is written, it stays as it was forever. And if the information changes, a new blog post is written to inform the reader about the changes. This document is not like that, it is more like a wikipedia article that only I get to edit. I will continue to update all parts of it in a non-linear fashion until eventually the complete sub-site represents a useful document.

A useful document for what? For a reference design to a luggable Commodore 64, with a built-in display, power supply, ethernet ports, storage and many I/O ports. In a sexy luggable package with a handle on the top. I think of it like an updated, homemade, SX-64. Unlike the SX-64's mostly horizontal orientation and tiny 5" display, C64 Luggable is oriented vertically, and embeds a large 15" LCD display. The chassis is made of wood, crafted, painted and ornamented with decals to have a pleasing visual style. It is also designed to have a highly accessible hinged back door. This allows for completely toolless entry to swap components, toggle internal switches, or just to show off the way it was assembled on the inside.

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Last modified: Sep 20, 2022