C64 OS: Programmer's Guide.

Chapter 1: Introduction

The C64 OS Programmer's Guide gives you everything you need to know to write powerful and useful applications for the Commodore 64, by taking advantage of the technologies provided by C64 OS.

The Commodore 64 has a huge library of software that has been developed over many years, but most of it has had to reinvent the wheel when it comes to user interface, keyboard commands, text input, and support for storage devices. Each developer has had to put in a lot of work and the result has been an inconsistent experience for users.

C64 OS makes it easy for you to write applications with a powerful user interface and standard mouse and keyboard controls. C64 OS brings you a universal clipboard, a fast and configurable menu bar, reusable drivers and libraries, an object-oriented widget toolkit, and much more, but without changing the fundamental nature of the Commodore 64.

With C64 OS you are able to build better and more intuitive applications with far less effort. Let's see what we can build together to make the Commodore 64 feel fast and useful in today's modern world.

The C64 OS Programmer's Guide is under massive revision

The content currently found in this Guide is under massive revision. It is all being rewritten and updated.

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