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C64 OS Printed User's Manual, System SD Card v1.04, Stickers and Business Card.

C64 OS v1.04 is now available for purchase. The printed User's Guide has been updated, with 4 more pages, improved typography and layout, and updated information about new and improved features.

The Starter Bundle is now 2X the capacity, and the Standard Bundle now includes a pre-built IDE64 disk image for use in VICE. All the new libraries, drivers, tools and Utilities are included. Many bugs have been fixed. The set up, installation and first-run configuration experience has been improved.

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Have C64 OS v1.0? Get v1.04 as a free download

If you purchased a copy of C64 OS v1.0, you can download system updates for free.
They are installed in a few simple steps with the built-in Installer.

Installing Software Updates is easy as 1, 2, 3.

What's new in v1.04

C64 OS Software updates add great new features: Support for Mouse Wheel; Mount .D64, .D71, .D81 and .DNP Images in File Manager1; Listen to SID Music; View new Commodore Grafix (CGFX) files including 3D-models, panoramic scenes, and short animation sequences2; Customize boot options in different modes; Access the native file system through VICE in File Manager; and much more.

3D model of a Teapot in Commodore Grafix format.

Put your REU to new use. Explore a new class of media with interactive 3D models, in the new Commodore Grafix file format, and C64 OS Image Viewer.

Watch the video preview.

Animation sequence of Enterprise going to warp in Commodore Grafix format.

The new Commodore Grafix format supports 3D models, panoramas, and animation sequences with variable framerate up to 256 frames. Animations support looping, bouncing and loop count.

Watch the video preview.

C64 OS now includes the SID Preview Utility. You can open SIDs in PSID format with a double-click from File Manager.

The SID Search Service lets you find and download from over 34,000 SIDs from HVSC that have been relocated for guaranteed compatibility with C64 OS. It's a first on the C64 that lets you listen to HVSC SID music from inside other Applications.

Search SID Service

The C64 OS gfx.lib now supports character-mode graphics. Image viewer can display PETSCII graphics, like this collection of hundreds of cute PETSCII BOTS.

Screenshots now capture the custom character set, and can be viewed in their original fidelity from inside C64 OS.

Save any HiRes or MultiColor bitmap frame from a CGFX animation or 3D Model or any other image file format as a custom boot screen graphic.

Interactive spinning Earth animation in Commodore Grafix format.

Some image matrices make the perfect candidates for both a looping animation sequence, and an interactive model. Pause the playback and you can freely rotate the object in either direction.

Watch the video preview.

3D model of a classic Porche in Commodore Grafix format.

You can create your own Commodore Grafix panoramas, animations and 3D models using a series of frames and the CGFX Creator Tool to bundle them into a RIFF/CGFX container.

Watch the video preview.

Below are some new and updated Utilities. Enjoy SID tunes from within any other Application using SID Preview. Customize how the scroll wheel works with new Mouse settings. Mount disk images to copy files into and out of them with File Manager. Validate the integrity of downloaded files with Checksum.

New Utilities are available in free software updates.

These are just some of the new features in v1.04, which join the brilliant capabilities that C64 OS already offers you. Along with many bug fixes, stability improvements, improved support for IDE64, support for VICE FS, new features for TurboChameleon64, and usability improvements in existing Apps and Utilities across the board.

Read the complete release notes for v1.04 on the Official Software Updates page.

Install software updates for free

Amazing new features are becoming available for C64 OS all the time, and the ability to install them was designed to be a snap right from the very beginning. You can find the system updates on the Official Software Updates page.

Updates come in CARs. Why? Because CARs are great for transporting things. Pick the update that's right for your current version and copy it over to any device that C64 OS has access to. Double-click the CAR file in File Manager and the Installer Utility does the rest.

  1. SD2IEC device is required to mount disk images.
  2. A 17xx-compatible REU is required to view multi-frame images and animations.

Last modified: Sep 10, 2023